the olive taggiasca
why it produces the best oil of the world


olive taggiasche It can be asserted that the formidable quality of our oil is the result of the following factors:
  1. the variety (cultivar Taggiasca)
  2. the favorable microclimate of the production zone
  3. the suitable farming practices
  4. the timely molitura
  5. the conservation of the oil in a fresh and dark place

Studies made in medical and nutritional field confirmed the position of supremacy of this product regarding all other fats, both vegetables that animals. It's this reason that bring the olive oil, traditionally reserved to Mediterranean people, also in the feeding of other Countries.

The constant improvement of the qualitative standard, to which the growers are devoted, is carrying to the consolidation of such tendency.

In qualitative terms it's possible to assert that the best olive is, defined by the current legislation (Reg.CEE 2568/91 and successive numerous modifications), "extra vergine"; with the one defined "vergine" it's the product of the mechanical pressing of the drupe without the aid of any chemical process.

The oil pertaining to these categories contains, beyond the fundamental chemical components (triglycerides), other substances that, even if in infinitesimal amounts, are the greater responsibles of the color, the flavour and the aroma.

The chemical composition changes in relation to the production zone, the cultivar, the sanitary state, the degree of maturation of the fruit, the modalities of harvesting and conservation of the olives before being milled.

As said the olive oil is a natural product, deriving from the mechanical pressing of drupes: consequently the quality turns out closely connected to the conditions of the fruits.
Therefore, to the qualitative aims, the raw material must answer to precise requirement.
In particular fruits must be:
  • undamaged from parasitary attacks
  • harvested to the right stage of maturation
  • fresh at the moment of the milling

The particularitity of the oil of taggiasca is in its lightness, due to the low acidity, and in the flavour, slightly "piquant" for the oil milled to the beginning of harvest-time and more fruity over of the season.

On these pages can find space small producers whose lands, of limited extension, have various exposure and irrigation, and whose olives do not reach maturation all in the same moment.
Their reduced production, not standardized like the industrial one which supplies an always equal product, has the advantage to offer to consumers a wide range of exceptional quality oil, in which everyone can find the flavour that more can be adapted to his own taste.

For these reasons we can say that the oil of taggiasca is the best of the world!


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