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Welcome on the site www.taggiasca.com!

Our English is not as good as we think, so some pages are still in raw translation: please don't laugh too loud :-)

Alas not every page is on-line: our experts are on the Net (in olive growers sense: they are spreading nets to harvest olives!) so the time they can give us is very few.

In any case we made the possible to have the largest number of ready pages: we need some days to make everything working.
Refer to the news page to be informed about updates or, if you prefer to have a more direct contact (and you understand Italian) you can subscribe the taggiasca.com mailing list, where we post about updates and interesting news.

Suggestions and corrections are really welcome!

The webmaster - october 29th 1999

* The taggiasca olive - why it makes the best oil in the world
* All about taggiasca - from the tree to the table, and more
* Growers - small growers specialized in oil from taggiasca olives
* The taggiasca on the Internet - Web pages about the taggiasca olive
* Mailing List - space devoted to who loves the taggiasca
* News - latest news about the taggiasca
* Site map - don't be lost!
* Media Center - press releases and clippings
* About this site - the backstage

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