all on the taggiasca olive:
from the tree to the table
(and not only)


olive varieta' taggiasca * Glossary
Italian and local terms related to the taggiasca

* The production area
the land - the water - the climate
Places to visit to know the olive taggiasca close up

* The tree
the cultivar - the taggiasca in the garden - photographic gallery
The taggiasca has a wonderful tree with characteristics many particular, that can also be ornamental

* The cultivation
agronomic situation - manuring - irrigation - pruning - fight to parasites - harvesting - contributions to growers
All necessary informations for who cultivate the taggiasca

* The oil
milling - separation - storing - chemical - flavours - laws - export
Useful information for who want to produce and to sell good oil

* Recipes
cold recipes - warm recipes
The glorious end of the olive taggiasca and its oil: the base of a healthy feeding

* Other uses
With the oil of taggiasca we can make not only good salades: other interesting uses

* The olive oil in medicine
who wants living in health cannot do without a good olive oil

* The olive in literature
From the Iliad in then the olive always appear in the literature


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